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March 12 2012

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About Griffith Laboratories

Griffith Laboratories is a global manufacturer of food ingredient systems, supplying leading food processors, restaurant operators, distributors and grocery retailers around the world. Since opening its doors as a family-owned entrepreneurial business in 1919, Griffith Laboratories has expanded over the course of three generations to bring the best science and technology, creative innovation, and global manufacturing excellence to the food product industry. With over 2,500 employees in Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East, and the Americas, Griffith Laboratories maintains manufacturing facilities, sales locations, and development laboratories around the globe.

In order to stay on top of a rapidly changing industry, Griffith Laboratories continually researches industry trends to identify and develop technologies that may improve food product performance and manufacturing. By utilizing Griffith’s global network of business units, the company has created a portfolio of global culinary insights and product offerings, titled “Technovations,” and delivers findings to restaurant operators and food manufacturers on a regular basis.

With their knowledge of ingredients that deliver on the taste and texture characteristics critical to the success of products in the food industry, Griffith Laboratories produces a wide range of food ingredient systems, including seasonings blends, dry mixes, dough blends, crumbs, flavors, sauces, and other food bases, many of which are used in commonly known brands on local supermarket shelves. Depending on the location, many of these offerings are provided in dry or liquid format. From snack foods to processed meats and ready-to-eat meals, Griffith Laboratories creates important ingredient systems that are essential to many foods around the world. Seasoning systems created by Griffith enhance the texture and flavor of a variety of foodstuffs, including beef, poultry, pork, and seafood; side-dish products like pasta, potatoes, and rice dishes; and even fruit and vegetable dishes. These enhancements deliver a better culinary experience for the customer, and by extension, the consumer.
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